ResultsCares Free MLS Listing

ResultsCares was developed in 2016 in an effort to give back to our Tennessee home sellers in need.  My company, ResultsMLS Realtors has been very blessed in our growth and loyal clients, and I feel an obligation to give back to our community.  

ResultsCares was created after a client Jimmy, and his wife Tina, were faced with daunting medical bills due to Jimmy's cancer and stem cell process.  I wanted to help and the only way I could was through prayer and listing their home for free.  It wasn't much, but it was the least I could do to help.  The $8,000.00 it saved their family was so appreciated we were all in tears.  I knew at that point I did have a way to help, and if lisitng their homes for free and saving them 3% in commissions helped, then I was all in!

If you know of a person or fmaily who needs to sell their home, and is in a dire medical and financial situation, please contact me directly at 615-364-0948.   

Thank you.

Susanne Flynn
Founder and Broker